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Multi-Threading Tool



Threading turning tool with adjustable head angle

Multi-Threading Tool is a turning tool for use exclusively with Multi-Threading 2.0, which allows special threading to be performed on a turning center. The angle of the head can be adjusted to avoid interference with the workpiece and tool. It allows for easier tool setup, with no need for burdensome additional machining or core height adjustment.

* For availability of this product, please contact our sales representative.
* Manufacturer: Jointly developed by DMG MORI Co., Ltd. and Tungaloy Corporation (Japan)

Main features

1. Tool angle can be adjusted in one-degree increments

The angle of the head can be adjusted ±20° to perform special threading (examples shown to the right).The adjustment ring accessory can be used to adjust in one-degree increments.

* The angle of the head can be adjusted in five-degree increments if not using the adjustment ring

2. Reduced tool setup time

Tool setup time can be dramatically reduced, as there is no need to adjust the core height or do any additional machining after changing the tool angle.

Product lineup

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