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【DMQP】DDS TW / TWS Series Tool Wagon


ツールワゴン DDS TW / TWSシリーズ

The TWS series adds safety to the uncompromising beauty of the TW series that delivers the essence of product making

The accelerating product design―its evolution only becomes real when where it is produced also evolves. Based on this philosophy, the DMQP tool wagons boldly incorporates exquisite curves to actualize a one-and-only form. A careful selection of parts and meticulous attention to the details of design while simulating how tool wagons are used at actual production sites crystallized into a fascinating design infused with a perfect fit and usability for engineers’ operational needs and a durability that protects the tools inside.

* For availability of this product, please contact our sales representative.
* Manufacturer:DAISHIN SEIKI(Japan)

Main features

1.TWS series:Top holder stand adjustable at three levels

The storage shelf can be adjusted at three levels depending on the length of cutting tools.

TWS series:Adjustment shelf of three levels

2.TWS series:Top safety panel

The top panel helps prevent damage to and injuries from cutting tools. (This is not a feature that guarantees safety)

TWS series:Top panel can be opened and closed during use

3.TW / TWS Series:Bottom utility compartment

The bottom part of the tool wagon is available as an all-purpose compartment.The door helps with safely storing your valuable items.

TW / TWS Series:Bottom utility compartment

Standard Model TW series





Thoughts from Daishin Design Studio

DDS produces tool cabinets with the hope that every engineer can work comfortably surrounded by what they like. Each and every one of our products are handmade with care to achieve high quality and design with no compromise.

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