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Machine tool components:Chip/Coolant/Mist Components

Zero Sludge Coolant Tank


Zero Sludge Coolant Tank

Efficiently collects sludge in the coolant tank, greatly reducing the frequency of tank cleaning

The Zero Sludge Coolant Tank is a system that efficiently collects sludge in the coolant tank and significantly reduces the frequency of tank cleaning. It employs a new technology in which multiple nozzles are arranged in the coolant tank to form an optimal coolant flow, and a high-precision cyclone filter is used to collect sludge with high efficiency. DMG MORI has installed this system as standard equipment on the horizontal machining centers NHX series.


1.Prevents sludge buildup in the tank

Greatly reducing cleaning work inside the coolant tank and contributes to labor-saving

2.Constant circulation and filtration of sludge in coolant

With preventing clogging of pipes and nozzles and damage to coolant pumps, reduces machine downtime and improves productivity

3.Keeps coolant clean at all times

With preventing coolant corrosion, improves the working environment

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