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Machine tool components:Chip/Coolant/Mist Components

Built-in Mist Collector zeroFOG


Built-in Mist Collector  zeroFOG

Creating a Clean Work Environment

zeroFOG” is equipped with a sophisticated final filter that meets the HEPA filter standards of collecting over 99.97% of 0.30μm fine particles. It reliably catches the fine mist generated during machining, thus creating a clean factory environment. Its compact body and excellent shape was realized by a hydrodynamically optimal design. No installation space is needed as the filter can be built into a machine tool.
More efficient saving of maintenance time and cost compared to conventional mist collectors makes “zeroFOG” a truly energy-saving and eco-friendly product, therefore a contributor to the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).


1.High-performance mist collection

・Uses the HEPA filter capable of collecting over 99.97 % of 0.3μm fine particles
・Generates a large volume of air flow with the impeller turbo fan for high-performance ventilation


・Automatically cleans the primary filter for drastic reduction of maintenance time
・Automatically controls the fan motor to prevent lowered air volume due to clogged filters
・Shortens work time by using the final filter capable of tool-free replacement

3.Energy saving

・Contributes to SDGs by reducing power consumption and CO2 emissions


・One fifth the size of existing mist collectors*1, possible to be built into a machine tool*2
・No installation work or space necessary thanks to the integrated built-in design

*1:Survey by DMG MORI (Comparison with a product of other manufacturer)
*2:Depending on models and specifications, the built-in installation may not be possible.

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