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Machine tool components:Measurements

Tool Visualizer


Tool Visualizer

Automatically completion the tool measurement and tool offset on-machine

By acquiring tool geometry information on the machine, “Tool Visualizer” can not only measure tools, but also detect abnormalities such as tool breakage and chip entanglement. Even tasks previously done outside the machine, such as registration of tool models for interference check and acquisition of clear tool tip images, can now be completed on the machine. Its non-contact measurement allows tools with different diameters to be measured regardless of shapes or measurement points. This, as a result, contributes to a drastic reduction in operators’workload for measuring tools.


1.Reduction in setups by automatic measurement

・Possible to measure a tool while it is mounted on the spindle
・Automatic creation of tool models for interference check
・Automatic tool measurement under the condition of actual machining
・Possible to create tool models and make measurement simply by entering information on CELOS. No time-consuming setups required.

2.Cutting-edge on-machine measuring technology

・Easy and accurate data acquisition of tool status information with high-performance in-machine cameras
・Non-contact measurement of tools with small to large diameters
・Automatic tool offset, no tool unloading needed
・Automatic image capturing of tool tips, no manual capturing with a microscope needed
・AI function to quantify the wear amount of tool tips and predict tool life*1
・Possible to check tool tip conditions at fixed intervals without machine stop

*1 : AI-enabled automatic detection function to be added in January 2022 or later

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