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Machine tool components:Measurements

Non-contact on-machine measuring system


Non-contact on-machine measuring system

Ultra high-speed Non-contact on-machine measuring system integrating machine tool and measuring technology

"Non-contact on-machine measuring system” is automatically enable to measure workpieces in machine tools with its cutting-edge sensing technology.
The system uses a non-contact type laser scanner from NIKON CORPORATION (hereinafter called NIKON), who started comprehensive business alliance with DMG MORI. The integration of DMG MORI's sensing technology and NIKON's measurement technology has led to high-speed and high-accuracy measurement.


1.Shorter measuring time

・On-machine measurement – no transfer to dedicated measuring equipment necessary
・2 types of laser scanner available: data acquisition of 70,000 points/sec or 200,000 points/sec
・Speedy measurement of large and complex shapes (e.g. large-sized gears, turbine blades)

2.Easy measurement method

・Quick start by simply mounting the laser scanner on the machine tool spindle
・Installation with only 1/5 of the cost of dedicated measuring equipment*1
・Point cloud data measured in µm by laser scanner
・Measurement results shown immediately on PC
・In addition to 2D size data, 3D profile data is available for comparison and evaluation with CAD data

*1 Comparison with a large-sized gear measuring equipment, calculated by DMG MORI.

3.Accurate measurement

・Surface profile collected and digitized as point cloud data in minimum time. High accuracy also guaranteed
・High measurement accuracy equivalent to dedicated measuring equipment, achieved with DMG MORI’s spindle controlling technology and NIKON’s knowhow as a measurement equipment manufacturer
・Special software for automatic evaluation of measurement results

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