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L-measuring probe packet


L-measuring Probe Package

Support Programming for Measuring Grooves and Pockets

L-measuring probe packet supports programming for measuring difficult-to-reach areas such as internal diameter grooves of flanges and valves. Parameters are input by the conversational programming method, which enables quick and easy measurement with an L-shaped probe.

Main Applicable models

  • DMU/DMC monoBLOCK series
  • DMU/DMC(FD)duoBLOCK series
  • DMU eVo series

Background of Development

L-shaped probes are used to measure difficult-to-reach areas by a linear probe that are the inner side of a workpiece and the backside of its projected section. As the probes enable measurement on a machine with no setup changes, they are used in various shop floor scenes. The problems, however, are that measuring programs with an L-shaped probe need to be created for each workpiece, and it takes time to adjust the programs.

Unique Selling Points


L-measuring probe packet enables on-machine measurement, flexibly measuring large workpieces which only a few types of instruments are able to measure.

2.Conversational programming

Operators can easily measure inner diameter grooves and pockets of flanges and valves simply by imputing parameters while checking the guidance screen on the CELOS, an HMI. Inputting parameters does not require any special skills. As the programming is done by the conversational programming method, the programs can be created in a short time. The trajectory of the probe movement is displayed with an arrow, ensuring outstanding usability.

3.Reduction in measuring time

Programs for measurement including debugging used to take approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour to create. With L-measuring probe packet, operators can make measurements in around 5 minutes because all they need to do is simply input parameters such as coordinates by following the guidance.

Parameter input by conversational programming

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