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【DMQP】DDS TC Series Tool Cabinet


Aiming for advancement in functionality and design by building on craftsmen’s wisdom

A craftsman’s toolbox used over years of practice is packed with astonishing creativity and inventiveness in every direction. Cabinets made by Daishin Design Studio (DDS), which believe craftsmen’s wisdom is the fountainhead of workmanship, are also designed with unseen features to ensure that engineers can work stress-free. The flexible rotary casters with independent four-wheel lock functions enable swift, small turns when moving while providing sturdiness and durability with increased plate thickness compared to ordinary cabinets. The soft closing mechanism that protects delicate tools from shock, the full-stroke position that allows waste-free use of the entire drawer, and the top panel 1,000 mm above the floor being a comfortable height for working standing are all part of the usability that stimulates the user’s sensibility as a silent but sure response.

* For availability of this product, please contact our sales representative.
* Manufacturer:DAISHIN SEIKI(Japan)

Main features

1.All TC series models are equipped with the soft closing and full-stroke mechanisms

The soft closing mechanism helps minimize finger-pinching injuries as well as protects delicate tools from shocks. The full-stroke design enables full use of the entire drawer.

2.TC-100S-M DDS has smaller footprint

This model is a compact version of TC-100-M, downsizing the width by 330 mm.

3.All TC series models have a top panel at a worker-friendly height

The top panel is set at a height of 1,000 mm, perfect for standing operations.

4.TC-100-T-M has an optional table on the back side

A laptop computer can be placed on this table for comfortable data processing.

Compact model


Back-side table(option)


Drawer partitions for all TC series models (option)

Thoughts from Daishin Design Studio

DDS produces tool cabinets with the hope that every engineer can work comfortably surrounded by what they like. Each and every one of our products are handmade with care to achieve high quality and design with no compromise.

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