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【DMQP】Next Generation BR Series Standard Chucks


【DMQP】Next Generation BR Series Standard Chucks

Next generation standard chucks that defy conventional notions

The adoption of a new structure improved the gripping accuracy and jaw lifts―conventionally considered the norm with standard chucks. The BR series chucks are the standard chucks for the next age that reduce tooling time when replacing the jaws.

* For availability of this product, please contact our sales representative.
* Manufacturer:Kitagawa Corporation(Japan)

Main features

1.Unconventional gripping accuracy of 0.01 mm T.I.R.

Optimal for finishing with an unconventional gripping accuracy for standard chucks

2.Reliable machining quality

Reduction in jaw lift realizes reliable machining quality.

3.Compatible with B-200 and BB200 chucks

Existing cylinders can be used, allowing for the introduction of maximum performance with minimum costs.

4.Use of the optional Tnut-Plus reduces tooling time

The use of Tnut-Plus eliminates the reforming of the jaw. A gripping accuracy of 0.01 mm T.I.R. or less is achieved after the jaw is detached.

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