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【DMQP】 B-Cool 755: water-miscible metalworking fluid


B-Cool 755

A high performance water-miscible metalworking fluid with many proven results and certifications in the aircraft industry.

B-Cool 755, a hybrid of mineral oil and ester oil, is a water-miscible metalworking fluid with high lubricating properties. It is particularly suitable for machining of alloys, including hard and soft aluminum, titanium and nickel-based alloys which are commonly used in the aircraft industry.

* For availability of this product, please contact our sales representative.
* Manufacturer: Blaser Swisslube (Switzerland)

Main features

1.High performance for any material

Designed for all types of alloy steels, including aluminum, titanium and nickel-based alloys, it is particularly advantageous for aircraft parts machining.

2. High productivity

Shorter cycle time and superior chip disposal for maximum productivity

3. Good machining process stability

Excellent cooling and lubricating properties for stable machining

4. Many aircraft industry-specific certifications

Trusted by many aircraft manufacturers, such as Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Pratt & Whitney, Rolls-Royce and Safran.

Benefits brought about by liquid tools

Productivity, cost-efficiency and machining quality are factors that depend greatly on the type and quality of metalworking fluids. Coupled with the company's accumulated know-how and customer-oriented services, the high-performance metalworking fluid B-Cool 755 maximizes the productivity of your machines and tools. Metalworking fluids are one of the key factors for your success.

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