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Coolant spraying device "Wavy Nozzle"


Coolant spraying device

Maximize operating time of automation lines

It removes chips from workpieces and the table through swing jetting of cutting fluids or air, thereby reducing workpiece pickup errors and seating errors during automatic transfer by a robot.

*Please contact our sales team for details.
*Manufacturer: MinebeaMitsumi Inc. (Japan)


1.Three nozzle operating modes - optimal settings for each tool

FIX mode: operated at an arbitrary fixed angle
SWEEP mode: operated by a reciprocating motion of the spray nozzle
KICK mode: operated by a reciprocating motion of the spray nozzle with variable speed

2.Easy adjustment by dedicated controller

Operating mode, angle and speed settings can be stored in the Wavy Nozzle via a dedicated controller.

3.Easy control by M codes

Once the settings are stored in the nozzle, all you need to do when you perform machining is to call them up with the M code in NC program.

4.Air blowing possible

The Wavy Nozzle can also be used for air blowing in addition to spraying of oil-based and water-miscible coolant.

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