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Centralized management of tool status and inventory data

The MATRIX system assists you in substantially reducing “invisible costs” by automating ordering and simplifying stocktaking. The centralized management of tools allows you to focus on your tasks.

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* Manufacturer:Tungaloy (Japan)

Main features

1.Automatic order alarm prevents tool stock-outs

The MATRIX system automatically calculates the optimal inventory based on previous usage. A purchase request alarm is triggered when the inventory falls below the threshold. Naturally, this also prevents unnecessary or excessive orders, keeping a healthy inventory.

2.Minimizing the stock of tools

The MATRIX automatically calculates and orders the necessary tools, helping to reduce the stock volume. A dead stock report function helps you manage unused tools.

3.Good tool organization

Only 10 seconds to take out tools. Not only can it save you the time to look for tools, but also prevents wrong tools from being taken out.

4.Tool analysis function

You can view the usage history by workpiece, line, user, or equipment. Unusual or irregular data can be discovered quickly, which can contribute to accurate improvement actions.

How DMG MORI uses the MATRIX

Managing tools stored on shelves

Tools on shelves can be registered in the MATRIX for centralized management. In addition to cutting tools, the MATRIX collectively manages all on-site supplies, including measuring equipment, fixtures and steady rests, peripheral equipment such as service parts, dies, materials, and safety devices.

Centrally manages multiple sites

The inventory of tools used at each plant can be centrally managed on a computer.

Useful automatic report function

The report function provides informative data such as inventory data and usage, also by product, process, or operator.

3D Simulator calculates “invisible costs”

The MATRIX website offers 3D operation simulations and “invisible cost calculator.”

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