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【DMQP】 B-Cool MC 610: water-miscible metalworking fluid


B-Cool MC 610

An emulsion type, water-miscible metalworking fluid with excellent cleaning properties that keeps machines, workpieces and coolant clean.

* For availability of this product, please contact our sales representative.
* Manufacturer: Blaser Swisslube (Switzerland)

Main features

1. Optimal for copper alloy

Prevents discoloration of coolant and formation of lead soap even in copper alloy machining

2. Available for machining of different materials on one machine

Less discoloration even in machining of copper and aluminum alloys
Suitable for castings, too.

3. High level of cleanliness for machines, workpieces and coolant

Easy to remove from machines and workpieces thanks to excellent cleaning properties
Keeps coolant clean with high repulsive separation and corrosion resistance properties

4. High performance for any material

Suitable for various materials including steel, castings, stainless steel, as well as aluminum and copper alloys

Benefits brought about by liquid tools

Productivity, cost-efficiency and machining quality are factors that depend greatly on the type and quality of metalworking fluids. Coupled with the company's accumulated know-how and customer-oriented services, the high-performance metalworking fluid B-Cool MC 610 maximizes the productivity of your machines and tools. Metalworking fluids are one of the key factors for your success.

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