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Climate-related Disclosure in Accordance with TCFD-recommendations

DMG MORI endorses the intention of proactively disclosing items related to climate change-related risks and opportunities in accordance with the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) and are taking the following measures.

News release "DMG MORI Announced Support for TCFD Recommendations"

A dedicated department for planning, implementing, and monitoring climate-related measures


The Company have established Sustainability Promotion Department as a department that assesses risks and opportunities for business due to climate change, and plans, implements, and monitors the Company’s countermeasures. This department reports the results of the Company’s CO2 emissions to the Board of Directors as necessary, and requests approval for CO2 emissions reduction plans as well as related important capital investment plans from the Board of Directors.

Governance structure for climate-related risks and opportunities
Role of Climate-related Organizations

Contribute to environmental protection through machine tool business itself

The Company believes that its machine tool business itself contributes to environmental protection through process integration, long product life and reduced or effective use of resources. Furthermore, the Company helps maximize the management resources both of its customers and its production sites by promoting process integration, automation, and digitization. In addition, “GREENMODE” technology contributes to the reduction of cumulative power consumption over the period of machine use.

Benefits of 5-axis machines and mill-turn centers

Risk & Opportunity
Considering proactive measures to address societal demands and environmental changes

When it comes to climate-related risks and opportunities, it is necessary to examine both “transitional” risks and opportunities caused by changes in policies, regulations or societal demands arising from customers and other stakeholders, and “physical” risks caused by natural disasters or rising temperatures.
The Company regards the risks and opportunities associated with its business as follows.

Climate-related risks
Climate-related opportunities

Climate-change, Sustainability and Risk management
Engagement as a critical management issue

The Sustainability Promotion Department identifies climate-related risks on a daily basis and reports them to the Sustainability Committee, which is held once a month in conjunction with the Executive Officers Meeting. The Board of Directors has established a process for discussing and making decisions on relevant agenda items at least quarterly or as needed.
The monthly Sustainability Meeting sets a focus topic for each session and addresses a wide range of sustainability-related agenda items, including but not limited to climate change, and shares updates on the Company’s progress.

Sustainability Conference