• Mid-term Business Plan 2025

Mid-term Business Plan 2025

DMG MORI has formulated and announced its new three year management plan, "Mid-Term Business Plan 2025", which will start in January 2023 to further advance process integration, automation, DX and GX in pursuit of building a resilient business foundation as a total solution provider to customers' processing needs.



We at DMG MORI want our society to be sustainable. Therefore, we take actions to support a carbon-free, zero-waste society, where humans and nature can coexist. We see carbon neutrality as especially crucial. Our whole group is speeding up its efforts towards this goal.


DMG MORI proactively contributes to local communities based on the policy that fulfilling social responsibility creates trust. We provide support for young talented people in the fields of education, science, art, culture and sports. Furthermore, we build training facilities across the world, offer scholarships, and lend machine tools to fulfill the responsibility for developing tech talents who will lead the machine tool industry in the future.


Enhancing corporate governance and management monitoring functions is the first priority for DMG MORI because it would lead to even higher transparency of our business to the entire society including our shareholders, investors, customers and business partners, employees, and members of the community, and to make our business operations fair and efficient. We will continue to work on improving our corporate value with consistency for the long term, and promote our business based on even higher standard of corporate ethic.

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