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Guideless self drive robotWH-AGV5

Next-generation transfer system achieving digitization of an entire factory

From workpiece removal to automatic logistics in the factory, providing coexistence with operators

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Technical advantages of WH-AGV5

  • High flexibility enabling free layout:
    No need for fixed inter-process device, cable-less, and
    add-on connection to the existing equipment
  • 6-axis calibration of AGV stop error in
    about 5 seconds by 3D vision sensor
  • Coexistence with operators by guideless self drive:
    Collision avoidance by predicting the movements of humans
  • Modularization of the components such as robots and electric hands
  • 24-hour continuous operation by contact-less power supply
  • Compact design:
    Equivalent in size to a work trolley <700 × 900 mm (27.6 × 35.4 in.)>
A human and a human-sized robot can work together in the same area.

Structure of AGV Robot