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Gantry-type loader systemGX7

A loader module system
incorporating measuring equipment

Gantry-type loader system

DMG MORI provides a wide variety of automation systems covering the entire process from material supply to finished part ejection.
The GX7 contributes to cycle time reduction with a higher traveling speed and offers a loader hand suited for your workpiece.

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Gantry-type loader system variations

Loader system with two connected machines (incl. turnover unit)
  • Loader system variations with proven results
    in CL and NLX
  • Simple system for a wide range of applications
  • ※Consultation is required

Various modules are available

  • Standardized modules for flexible system changes after installation
  • Gantry-type loader system innovation
  • Modularized peripherals for flexible system extension and peripheral changes
  • Various selections of machines enable establishment of automation systems and production lines consisting only of the ALX models
Can be shared with MATRIS
Gantry-type loader module system
The best automation solution for your specific needs
Various modules are available

Modularized peripherals with various functions

  • Transfer unit
  • Turnover unit
  • Transfer turnover unit
  • IN / OUT conveyor
  • NG chute
  • Deburring device
  • Air blow
  • Measuring system
  • 3D measuring instruments
  • Quality inspection station
  • Measuring system

Gantry-type loader GX Series

Faster loader traveling for shorter cycle time.
Various types of loader hands are available to meet your workpiece requirements.