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Shishido Seiko

“Unbreakable Syringe” Achieved by High-accuracy Machining of Stainless Steel
Challenge to New Field & Product Development with Simultaneous Twin Spindle Machine


Shishido Seiko, located in Tsuzuki-ku, Yokohama City accounts for approximately 70% in the share of stainless syringes in the dentistry market. President Yoshihiro Shishido set up a small workshop, which is an origin of the company, and founded a self-employed parts machining company when he was 19, soon after he graduated from a technical high school. In 1983, he established Shishido Seiko at 23. Now the company specializes in machining of stainless steel products, covering a wide range of areas including medical equipment and physical and chemical peripherals. They are proactively developing new products and fields with self-reliance and a challenging spirit that have taken root in them since the foundation time.

“I hated working for someone,” says President Yoshihiro Shishido. He set up a workshop at 19 and founded the company at 23.

The company is currently working on “comprehensive Monozukuri (manufacturing)” that covers sheet metal machining, welding, canning and software programming.

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