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OZAWA Precision Co., Ltd.

Experts of connecting machine tools to network Vol.2
2 benefits of visualizing machine status


Messenger: Low cost and open to future expansion

- Tell us why you chose Messenger.

We compared several digital solutions of different machine tool makers and third parties. We selected DMG MORI Messenger because of the following reasons:

1.Majority of our machine tools are made by DMG MORI

More than 60% of our machine tools are made by DMG MORI. Therefore, it was logical to select Messenger – DMG MORI’s digital solution.

2.Low cost

Shortly before introducing digital solutions, we purchased a machine tool with CELOS – DMG MORI’s operating system – to dramatically reduce machining time. At the same time, we joined CELOS Club to receive continuous support in software and services to improve productivity. Thanks to this membership we could introduce Messenger at low cost.

3.Open for future expansion

For now, it is enough to monitor operation status of DMG MORI machines. In the future, however, we would like to visualize the status of all the machines we have. According to DMG MORI, CELOS Club will open doors to connect other manufactures’ machines, too. This was another reason why we selected Messenger.

※ In some cases, DMG MORI Messenger cannot connect other manufacturers’ machines. Please contact DMG MORI for further information.

- What are the benefits of Messenger?

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