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Yuki Precision Co., Ltd.

Learning from the Master of Mill-turn centers in the aerospace industry: Vol.1
“How does Yuki Precision achieve trusted quality in the aerospace industry? “


Yuki Precision is located in Chigasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture, close to the Shonan beach. The company manufactures precision parts with several-μm tolerances, which are often used for space exploration equipment. The R&D-oriented small factory has been repeatedly covered in mediums, attracting attentions from global enterprises and establishing a position as an industrial pioneer.

(From left) Mr. Masahiro Ueno, General Manager of Manufacturing and Mr. Taizo Yagi, Head of Machining Technology Laboratory, in front of NTX 100 2nd Generation.

Aiming for high and leveled machining quality

Yuki Precision’s sound quality management system, certified by JIS Q 9100 (an international standard for quality management system in the aerospace/defense industries) in 2010, has gained trust in the company. Even in the competitive and hard-to-enter aerospace industry, some customers went far as to say, “we talk first to Yuki Precision whenever a problem occurs.” The company is active in promotion activities, including the ones in overseas aerospace shows, through which it has secured an increasing volume of design requests and orders for several-μm-level precise parts.

A cut model of a robot engine’s injector, combined with a nozzle and pipes

“Quality”and“Trust”– 2 factors for a strategy turnaround

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