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Fuji Metal Co., Ltd.

Learning from the Masters of Multi-axis Machine and Robot Applications vol.2
“Three Barriers Overcome on the Road to Process Integration”


The robot arm picks up workpieces weighing some 40 to 50 kilograms before setting them in the multi-axis machine. At the Fuji Metal’s cutting-edge factory, the three multi-axis machines provided by DMG MORI are paired off with a robot, automating the entire process from setting to machining and after-cut cleaning of workpieces. “While investing in factory facilities and machinery can help you catch up to increasing production demands, in doing so human resource development, that is, the hiring and skill of operators, falls behind. This is what prompted us to go with automation,” says President Fujii, reflecting on the reasons for pursuing an automated approach.

President and Representative Director, Mr. Masatoshi Fujii

Chip disposal hampering process integration
A breakthrough achieved through a DMG MORI solution

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