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YDM attracts European customers with quality products
24-hour operation of AWC-equipped machines support the production


The ideal 5-axis machine
for precise machining of hard-to-cut material and 24-hour machine operation

The material used for pliers is hard-to-machine martensitic stainless steel. This special material is also used for automotive shafts and bearings and generally does not suit complex machining. Nevertheless, it is frequently used in the medical field for the following two reasons.

Firstly, medical instruments must ensure a wide field of view for the doctor, and not affect other areas than lesions. This demands complex-shaped, minimally-sized but resilient instruments. Since it is impossible to meet this requirement with common material, tough material is applied.
Secondly, as blood gets easily stuck on the instruments during surgery, corrosion-resistant material is necessary. This makes stainless steel the perfect choice.

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