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【DMQP】Synergy 735: water-miscible metalworking fluid


【DMQP】Synergy 735:  water-miscible metalworking fluid

A water-miscible, oil-free, full-synthetic metalworking fluid achieving the best surface quality and cleaning performance.

With neutral pH, Synergy 735 has good compatibility with skin and produces less discoloration even for aluminum alloy. It achieves excellent surface roughness, even though it is oil free. Being clear, colorless liquid with superior defoaming properties, Synergy 735 provides outstanding visibility during machining.

* For availability of this product, please contact our sales representative.
* Manufacturer: Blaser Swisslube (Switzerland)

Main features

1. Less discoloration even in machining aluminum alloy

Less discoloration even for aluminum alloy due to neutral pH

2. Good compatibility with high-pressure coolant system

Can work with the high-pressure coolant system thanks to excellent defoaming properties

3. Operator safety

Little odor and good skin compatibility due to neutral pH
Clear, colorless liquid with superior defoaming properties ensures outstanding visibility during machining.

4. High performance for any material

Suitable for various materials including aluminum and titanium alloys, steel, stainless steel, composite materials like CFRP and copper alloy

Benefits brought about by liquid tools

Productivity, cost-efficiency and machining quality are factors that depend greatly on the type and quality of metalworking fluids. Coupled with the company's accumulated know-how and customer-oriented services, the high-performance metalworking fluid Synergy 735 maximizes the productivity of your machines and tools. Metalworking fluids are one of the key factors for your success.

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