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Reciprocating compressor "DPK series"


A space-saving and sound-/vibration-proof compressor with a dryer

The compact and reasonable lubricant-type compressor, combined with an air dryer, offers sound- and vibration-less environment. It saves energy by "full-automatic operation control system," which automatically switches from continous to intermittent operation.

*Please contact our sales team for details.
*Manufacturer: Meiji Kikai (Japan)


1.Packaged offer

Our packaged proposal includes a compressor with an air dryer, an air tank, filters and air pipings. All you need to prepare is a power supply. Installtion and setup are also within the offering.

2.Newly-designed 2-stage compressor

Lower temperature of discharged air and less oil consumption make the compressed air cleaner.

3.Less vibration and noise

The package structure effectively insulates sounds. It has sound-abrosbing polyfoam and low-noise suction filters inside to minimize noises.

4.Easy maintenance, lower cost in total

Daily checkups and maintenances are easy, due to the simple structure.

Installation image

*The color is titan gray, matching the machine body color


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