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News Release 2018

2018/11/01 NEWS Japan Premiere of DMU 340 Gantry and DMU 200 Gantry:powerful, dynamic, compact and universally applicable(PDF:497 kB)
2018/11/01 NEWS Japan Premiere of LASERTEC 30 SLM 2nd Generation at JIMTOF 2018(PDF:187 kB)
2018/10/30 NEWS Newly-launched DMG MORI SAILING TEAM joins Vendée Globe 2020(PDF:284 kB)
2018/10/18 NEWS Grand Opening of FAMOT Plant Large-scale Investment on Digitization for Cutting-edge Production Base(PDF:203 kB)
2018/09/03 NEWS Newly-released turning center ALX series - space-saving, productive and automation-ready!(PDF:317 kB)
2018/08/07 NEWS 5-axis Technology Study & Research Group-with 70 DMU 50 3rd Generations for 70 customers, on 70th Anniversary!(PDF: 250 kB)
2018/07/13 NEWS MTTRF Annual Meeting 2018 (PDF: 371 kB)
2018/05/22 NEWS Sales release of NHX 4000 / NHX 5000 3rd Generation with high-performance spindle speedMASTER (PDF: 272 kB)
2018/05/22 NEWS Opening of DMG MORI Die & Mold Excellence Center (PDF: 103 kB)
2018/05/10 NEWS Zero Sludge Coolant Tank for sludge collection in a coolant tank (PDF: 383 kB)
2018/05/07 NEWS Election of DMG MORI Group CEO;DMG MORI CO., LTD President and DMG MORI AG Chairman of the Supervisory Board (PDF: 102 kB)
2018/03/27 NEWS New Opening of DMG MORI Child Care Center (PDF: 180 kB)
2018/03/27 NEWS NTX 2000, 2500, 3000 2nd Generation with High-performance Spindle MASTER Series (PDF: 407 kB)
2018/03/09NEWS Debut of MATRIS, programming-free new robot system (PDF: 418 kB)
2018/01/29NEWS DMG MORI Pfronten Open House (PDF: 232 kB)
2018/01/15NEWS 3-year warranty service for MASTER spindles (PDF: 122 kB)