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News Release 2013

2013/10/31NEWS “DMG Mori Seiki University” Integrated Into “DMG MORI ACADEMY”(PDF:324 kB)
2013/10/21NEWS Tianjin Plant-Produced Machining Center “NHC Series”(PDF:239 kB)
2013/10/21NEWS Tianjin Plant Grand Opening(PDF:202 kB)
2013/09/30NEWS October 1, 2013 “Mori Seiki Co., Ltd.” Will Become“DMG MORI SEIKI CO., LTD.”(PDF:56 kB)
2013/09/19NEWS Machines with New Design Concept Unveiled at EMO Hannover 2013(PDF:200 kB)
2013/09/18NEWS New Operating System CELOS World Premiere at EMO Hannover 2013(PDF:136 kB)
2013/08/20NEWS Rotary Table for 5-axis Machining "5AX-DDRT200X" Enabling 3-axis Vertical Machining Centers to Achieve 5-axis Machining (PDF:84 kB)
2013/07/08NEWS DMG MORI SEIKI University Earned NIMS Accreditation (PDF:60 kB)
2013/07/03NEWS MTTRF Annual Meeting and Grand Opening of Berkeley Institute (PDF:88 kB)
2013/05/28NEWS Next-Generation X-Class Machines Achieved Total Sales of 5,000 Units (PDF:230 kB)
2013/05/20NEWS Highly Reliable, Super-High-Speed, High-Precision No. 30 Taper Machining Center MAX3000 Bringing Revolution to Shop Floor (PDF:220 kB)
2013/05/08NEWS Acquisition of Micron S.p.A. (PDF:160 kB)
2013/05/07NEWS Mori Seiki to Hold Innovation Days 2013 (PDF:672 kB)
2013/04/02NEWS Acquisition of Tyler Machine Tool Co., Inc. (PDF:40 kB)
2013/03/25NEWS DMG/Mori Seiki Machines to be Exhibited in Enormous Booth at CIMT 2013 (PDF:668 kB)
2013/01/30NEWS Construction of DMG / MORI SEIKI Tokyo Solution Center (PDF:212 kB)
2013/01/24NEWS Machining Center Equipped with Unparalleled Rigidity and Agility NHX6300 (PDF:292 kB)