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News Release 2011

2011/11/15 NEWS Expand factory in Iga campus(PDF:46 kB)
2011/11/10 NEWS Opening of Mori Seiki Shanghai Solution Center(PDF:66 kB)
2011/10/11 NEWS Improve heavy-duty cutting ability by 40%, High-speed Large Horizontal Machining Center "NHX8000" Launched! (PDF: 115 kB)
2011/09/27 NEWS The compact machining center of next generation MILLTAP 700 Launched! (PDF: 57 kB)
2011/09/16 NEWS Compact, High-Efficiency Multi-Axis Turning Center for Shafts NZX-S1500 Launched! (PDF: 217 kB)
2011/09/06 NEWS With 2 Turrets, High-rigidity, High-efficiency Multi-axis Turning Center "NZX2500" Launched! (PDF: 150 kB)
2011/09/06 NEWS With up to 3 Turrets High-efficiency Multi-axis Turning Centers for Mass Production "NZX1500" and "NZX2000" Launched! (PDF: 135 kB)
2011/08/30 NEWS SIEMENS Control is Available for NMV5000DCG! (PDF: 170 kB)
2011/08/30 NEWS DMG and Mori Seiki to jointly exhibit at EMO Hannover 2011 (PDF: 211 kB)
2011/08/25 NEWS Maximum workpieces size φ2 m, High-speed Large Horizontal Machining Center "NHX10000" Launched! (PDF: 146 kB)
2011/08/23 NEWS Ideal for machining difficult-to-cut materials High-rigidity Large Vertical Machining Center "NVX7000" Launched! (PDF: 88 kB)
2011/07/19 NEWS No. 50 Taper Spindle Becomes Available for the NVX5000 Series in the X-class!! (PDF: 189 kB)
2011/06/30 NEWS 5-Axis NC Simulation launched! Verify complicated NC programs on PC in advance (PDF: 242 kB)
2011/06/29 NEWS Scholarship benefits to Institute of National Colleges of Technology student suffered from Great East Japan Earthquake (DMG/MORI SEIKI Scholarship Fund) (PDF: 138 kB)
2011/06/09 NEWS Announcing a New Model in DMU eVo Series! DMU 60 eVo 5-axis Control Machining Center Launched (PDF: 205 kB)
2011/02/23 NEWS Mori Seiki Launches MCC-LPS III, Highly Evolved Cell Control System (PDF: 145 kB)
2011/01/31 NEWS Changes of name "Showroom" to "Solution Center" (PDF: 107 kB)
2011/01/19 NEWS Changes of Parts center name (PDF: 94 kB)
2011/01/17 NEWS A landscape improvement and Capital investment for conservation of energy in Nara campus (PDF: 155 kB)
2011/01/14 NEWS Relocation of Global Parts Center (PDF: 121 kB)
2011/01/13 NEWS The NTX2000 high-precision, high-efficiency integrated mill turn center joins the X-class (PDF: 162 kB)
2011/01/08 NEWS The NLX2500 Rigid and Precise CNC Lathe received one of the 2010 (53rd) Best 10 New Products Awards sponsored by Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun.
2011/01/06 NEWS Reliable "Global One"! A Happy New Year letter from Dr. Masahiko Mori (PDF: 96 kB)