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News Release 2007

2007/12/19 NEWS The DuraTurn CNC Lathe is Equipped with a Built-in Motor Turret for High-Efficiency Milling(PDF:194 kB)
2007/12/05 NEWS For Customers, Machines which have Passed Strict Safety Standards(PDF:97 kB)
2007/12/03 NEWS MAPPS III Becomes Standard for All Models in the Dura Series(PDF:362 kB)
2007/11/22 NEWS MORI SEIKI is planning to take over SANDVIK Tobler SAS(PDF:112 kB)
2007/11/16 NEWS Dr. Mori is Elected a Fellow of the SME(PDF:69 kB)
2007/11/16 NEWS Taiyo Koki's Stock Will Be Listed on Jasdaq Securities Exchange (PDF:147 kB)
2007/11/15 NEWS Mori Seiki and Nichidai Corporation Jointly Develop the '”S-MAX” Machining Program Management System(PDF:157 kB)
2007/11/12 NEWS Visual Management of High-Level Techniques and Inspection Records as Electronic Data(PDF:159 kB)
2007/11/08 NEWS Gathers Tool Information in the Factory in Real Time Contributes Greatly to Quality Control(PDF:208 kB)
2007/11/08 NEWS Development of the '”Machining Program Automatic Transfer System” using Informationabout Workpieces from the Robot (PDF:177 kB)
2007/10/31 NEWS Imports Fixture Models Easily from IMAO CAD/CAF Fixture Design Support System to MAPPSIII! Mori Seiki and Imao Corporation Jointly Develop a New System.(PDF:137 kB)
2007/10/31 NEWS Mori Seiki and Lord Collaborate on Technical Development of the Adaptive Balancer(PDF:252 kB)
2007/10/30 NEWS CAM vendor postprocessors' availability status(PDF:117 kB)
2007/10/29 NEWS DIXI Grand Opening(PDF:155 kB)
2007/10/29 NEWS Machines Large Aircraft Parts and Difficult-to-Cut Workpieces in One Chucking We Start Accepting Orders for the NMH10000 DCG High-Precision 5-Axis Control Horizontal Machining Center(PDF:188 kB)
2007/10/24 NEWS 2-Year Warranty is Extended for High-Speed Spindle Units(PDF:125 kB)
2007/10/23 NEWS Establishment of a Subsidiary in Turkey(PDF:165 kB)
2007/09/27 NEWS Mori Seiki Techno, Ltd. Opening of the Higashi Osaka Technical Center(PDF:252 kB)
2007/09/25 NEWS Three Easy and Convenient New Functions are Installed in MAPPS III and MORI-AP (PDF:160 kB)
2007/08/09 NEWS DIXI machines on Display at EMO Hannover 2007(PDF:229 kB)
2007/08/02 NEWS The EMO Hannover 2007 International Machine Tool Fair(PDF:201 kB)
2007/07/25 NEWS International Skills Festival for All, Japan 2007(PDF:161 kB)
2007/07/12 NEWS DTL Introduces Linux Networx's LS-P Supersystem(PDF:95 kB)
2007/07/05 NEWS 20-Station Turret Specifications for Long-term Operation at Night and Machining of Complex Workpieces(PDF:181 kB)
2007/06/12 NEWS The Cutting Dream Contest 2007 Entries Open!!(PDF:152 kB)
2007/05/29 NEWS Machine's Cost-Free Warranty is Extended to 2 Years(PDF:125 kB)
2007/05/24 NEWS Establishment of Akishino Mold Laboratory, Ltd.(PDF:58 kB)
2007/05/14 NEWS Machine tool manuals available in 24 languages(PDF:28 kB)
2007/05/10 NEWS Mori Seiki starts accepting orders for the NZ Series of multi-axis machines with up to 3 turrets for mass production(PDF:155 kB)
2007/04/11 NEWS A new model of the NZ-S1500, the world's smallest shaft lathe, is developed for long workpieces(PDF:131 kB)
2007/03/27 NEWS The Next Generation Operating System, MAPPS III is Equipped with a USB interface(PDF:56 kB)
2007/03/14 NEWS Establishment of the Resident Engineering Section(PDF:116 kB)
2007/02/20 NEWS Announcing the Remodeling of the Stuttgart Technical Center(PDF:291 kB)
2007/01/04 NEWS The Dura Series receives one of the 49th "Best 10 New Products Awards."