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News Release 2006

2006/12/21 NEWS Mori Seiki Aquires DIXI Machines, Ltd.(PDF:38 kB)
2006/11/01 NEWS With the industry's only Turret with a built-in motor™ The NL Series of CNC Lathes Reaches 5000 Units Shipped(PDF:116 kB)
2006/10/19 NEWS Completion of Mori Seiki Sheet Metal Plant(PDF:208 kB)
2006/10/11 NEWS MORI SEIKI and DIXI in exclusive negotiations(PDF:119 kB)
2006/10/05 NEWS We will start accepting orders for the "NMV5000 DCG" 5-Axis Control Vertical Machining Center from November 1 (PDF:178 kB)
2006/10/05 NEWS The NZ2000 T3Y3 multi-axis machine with 3 turrets for mass production machining will be displayed at JIMTOF2006 as a pre-release display machine.(PDF:168 kB)
2006/09/18 NEWS Notification of Relocation of Technical Centers
2006/09/04 NEWS The Highly Praised Dura Series Reaches 250 Units Ordered Within 2 Months of its Release (PDF:72 kB)
2006/08/23 NEWS The Largest Through-Spindle Hole Diameter in its Class at 560 mm We start accepting Orders for the ZL-1003D Large 4-axis Control CNC Lathe(PDF:196 kB)
2006/08/02 NEWS Development of a New Thermal Displacement Control Function Which Suppresses Displacement Caused by Changes in Ambient Temperature to Within 5 – 8 µm(PDF:92 kB)
2006/07/20 NEWS MTTRF Annual Convention and Awards Ceremony(PDF:340 kB)
2006/06/30 NEWS Mori Seiki Enters the Field of High-Speed, High-Precision, Large Bridge-Type Machining Centers(PDF:80 kB)
2006/06/22 NEWS Pursuit of Greatest Reliability and Cost Performance We start sales of the Dura Series(PDF:254 kB)
2006/06/22 NEWS Entries Start for The Third '”Cutting Dream Contest”(PDF:123 kB)
2006/06/14 NEWS We Start Accepting Orders for the High-Speed, High-Precision Horizontal Machining Center, the "NH5000 DCG"(124 kB)
2006/06/07 NEWS The Release of the NMH6300 DCG 5-Axis Machine, with the World's Best Rapid Traverse Rate and Positioning Accuracy using the Rotary Spindle(PDF:164 kB)
2006/05/23 NEWS Mori Seiki Enters Collaborative Development of Post-Processors with Major CAM Vendors(PDF:188 kB)
2006/05/17 NEWS We start accepting orders for the world's fastest, most accurate vertical machining center, the NV6000 DCG(PDF:143 kB)
2006/04/03 NEWS MORI-AP, the Conversational Automatic Programming System Which Runs on PCs, Has Been Commercialized.(PDF:381 kB)
2006/03/23 NEWS Mori Seiki Partners With Ellison Technologies in the Midwest Company engages largest machine tool distributor in US for sales and distribution(PDF:93 kB)
2006/03/17 NEWS Pre-Release Display of the High-Precision Vertical Machining Center for Die and Mold Machining NVD6000 DCG at INTERMOLD2006.(PDF:171 kB)
2006/03/07 NEWS Relocation of the Four Technical Centers in China and Establishment of the Shanghai Parts Center(PDF:135 kB)
2006/02/28 NEWS Establishment of the Prague Technical Center(PDF:104 kB)
2006/02/01 NEWS Announcement of the Completion of the Chiba No.2 Plant(PDF:140 kB)
2006/01/31 NEWS We start accepting orders for the new CNC Lathes, NL3000/2000, NL3000/3000(PDF:131 kB)
2006/01/25 NEWS Mori Seiki Co., Ltd Sponsored ADR program, Level 1 The very first in the machine tool industry(PDF:114 kB)
2006/01/24 NEWS Constant-Temperature Factory Announcement(PDF:96 kB)
2006/01/06 NEWS 2005 Nikkei Superior Products and Services Awards/ Nihon Keizai Shimbun Awards for Excellence, Integrated Mill Turn Center, NT Series(PDF:142 kB)