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Basic Policy for Information Security

 In order to guarantee continuous and stable business activities, and with the understanding of the
importance of appropriate protection and management of information assets, DMG MORI
(hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) will stipulate its own Basic Policy for Information Security.

 The Company will work on implementing the Basic Policy for Information Security strictly.
By doing so, the Company will take necessary measures to guarantee the security of our products
and to protect the customers’ information, while offering manufacturing solutions mainly through
machine tools. Further, the Company will continue to provide ever increasing value, innovation and
unlimited possibilities of machine tools to customers worldwide while following international laws and

  • 1. In order to protect all of its information assets from unauthorized access, theft, destruction,
    manipulation, and leaks, the Company will appoint a person with overall responsibility for
    information security management. Further, the Company will establish the Information Security
    Committee to construct an appropriate management structure.
  • 2. The Company will continuously implement educational programs necessary to raise the
    awareness of the importance of information security for all the employees and persons involved in
    its business.
  • 3. The Company will strictly follow laws and regulations, code of ethics, and internal rules. By
    carefully observing the social environment and the technological advancement, the Company will
    continuously review its internal rules, structures, and systems. In this way, the Company will strive
    to evaluate, maintain, and improve its information security management system.
  • 4. Any violation of the Basic Policy of Information Security and its related rules will be strictly
    enforced and violations dealt with severely.

December 1, 2015
President Dr. Masahiko Mori