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Disclosure Policy

1. Basic Policy

DMG MORI endeavors to ensure prompt and fair disclosure of information so that all of its stakeholders including shareholders and investors can deepen their understanding of the company. DMG MORI is also committed to positive communication activities including information retrieval (IR) activities to gain the understanding and trust of its stakeholders.

2. Standards of Information Disclosure

DMG MORI makes every effort to appropriately assure fair and highly transparent disclosure of information, in addition to observing laws and regulations and conducting corporate activities with a strong sense of ethics. DMG MORI also discloses information that it judges may be effective in promoting investors’ understanding of DMG MORI.

3. Method for Information Disclosure

The information that DMG MORI must disclose in a timely manner under the rules and regulations of Tokyo Stock Exchange is disclosed through the Exchange’s TDnet (Timely Disclosure network) system. DMG MORI also transmits information that is not subject to the aforementioned rules and regulations on information disclosure by posting it on this website.

4. Quiet Period

To prevent leaks of earnings information, which could have an impact on its stock price, and to ensure fairness of disclosure toward shareholders and investors, DMG MORI sets an interval of approximately three weeks prior to each earnings release as a "quiet period."
DMG MORI refrains from making comments or responding to questions related to the financial results during this period.

5. Forward-Looking Statements

The forward-looking statements disclosed by DMG MORI, such as future plans, prospects and strategies, have been judged reasonable by DMG MORI based on the information available at the time of disclosure. Subject to a variety of significant risks and uncertainties, the actual results may differ materially from those expressed or implied in the forward-looking statements in such future plans and/or prospects.