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Service and Parts

Providing support for customers' stable production

Customers use machine tools for some 10 to 20 years, so it is important for us to build a strong and long-term partnership with them.
Our service engineers with advanced skills provide the same high-quality service around the world, including prompt on-site repair and parts shipment, to ensure that our machines can always deliver the best performance at the customers’ shop floor.

Service centers supporting customers’ production 24/7

All service call functions are centralized in the service center which is in constant operation. Information of customers, delivered machines, and repair service history are all stored in a secure database on a daily basis so that our professional employees can provide customers with optimal solutions in the shortest possible time.
In case of machine troubles, our employees can remotely operate the machine from the service center for quick recovery.
More than 75% of the problems are solved by telephone support. (as of March, 2017)

Parts Centers serving the entire globe

DMG MORI has established 3 global spare parts centers around the world to provide reliable post sales service for customers. Global parts centers in Nara (Japan) and Geretsried (Germany) store more than 100,000 parts, while the one in Dallas (U.S.A.) has over 50,000 parts in stock. This ensures prompt parts shipment across the world.
Over 95% of the spare parts are shipped within 24 hours. (as of March, 2017)

Substantial support with 157 bases in 46 countries / regions

Technical centers are our bases to provide field service to customers. Service engineers at each technical center are promptly dispatched to customers’ sites upon receiving calls from the service center. Each staff member listens to the needs of customers face-to-face, and offers them meticulous service and on-site repair if required, as a highly skilled and professional engineer.

Quality assurance

DMG MORI offers a two-year new machine warranty, which is one year longer than our previous one. For machines delivered in Japan, the warranty covers parts and repair labor costs for two years from the date of installation.

※ For countries other than Japan, the warranty period varies depending on the region.
  For details, please consult our sales representative.