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Offering solutions to all production and technical issues

DMG MORI’s machining experts design machining processes and carry out tests based on the voice of the customers to meet their “time” and “accuracy” requirements. We study and pursue the best solution for them, exchanging opinions among engineering, sales and development divisions across the world. We are also willing to respond to any questions from customers such as whether their machining process and choice of machines match the needs of the times and the market. We will continuously strive to quickly provide customers with the best solutions to various issues by sharing the accumulated knowledge and experience of our machining experts.

Experiencing the cutting-edge machines and machining technologies live at any time

DMG MORI showcases state-of-the-art machine tools and equipment in our clean and spacious solution centers to study and solve various machining issues together with customers.
At our solution centers around the world, professional engineers who speak English, German or Chinese are always available to show our cutting-edge machines and machining techniques in live demonstrations and test machining. The solution centers also play a role as an experimental center to develop new technologies through joint research of workpieces and tools with customers.

World's largest database of machining technology

In February 2016, DMG MORI started the operation of the technology monitor, which is a machining technologies database shared across the company. Our engineers all over the world can register and view information including test machining, demonstration machining, latest technologies and newest materials on the monitor. The data can be searched by category such as workpiece, material, machining technology and machining condition. The database helps our engineers to spread and share both knowledge and experience, enabling them to offer high value-added solutions for customers.

Various training for customers

DMG MORI provides educational opportunities for customers at several locations. In this way, we can support customers to develop excellent machining engineers and to take off to a smooth start with their new machine. We offer training courses on various topics with growing demand, such as 5-axis machining technology. Furthermore, customers can select an online Education-On-Demand learning program which is available 24 hours/7 days a week. DMG MORI helps customers fully utilize the features of its machines through training.

Dispatching machining professionals

DMG MORI offers resident engineering services, meaning it dispatches highly qualified machining specialists to work at customers’ locations. Resident engineers are stationed at customers’ sites to understand their requests and challenges better and to suggest and implement prompt and accurate solutions. We also focus on education to raise highly skilled resident engineers who can provide customers with close, quick and reliable support. Customers’ requests collected by resident engineers are useful inputs for the next generation product development, and will ultimately facilitate the development of more attractive products.