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Suggesting optimal products for customers

DMG MORI’s highly skilled engineers are stationed in 157 locations in 46 countries to offer qualified services to customers around the world. They support customers during the entire sales process, starting from technical proposal, quotation and contract, to acceptance test, delivery and final acceptance. DMG MORI’s extensive global network enables coordinated and prompt support for multinational projects by providing expertise from engineering departments across the group to customers who operate businesses in a variety of regions, industries and size.

A sales system matching regional characteristics and commercial distribution

DMG MORI has a solid sales system that matches the characteristics, culture and commercial distribution of each region. As we completed the transition of our sales system in Europe and the Americas in 2015, from sales through distributors to a direct one, we are making necessary personnel allocation and enhancing sales and service bases. In Japan and Asia, we continue to maintain and strengthen cooperation with regions and distributors.

Trade shows and exhibitions to connect us with customers

Every year DMG MORI holds exhibitions and seminars all over the world aiming to directly show our products and technologies to our customers. It is a good opportunity for us to present practical and technical know-how with the latest technologies in live-demos, as well as the industry trends.
We put a full effort into each and every exhibition, from private shows at major regional cities to big international shows across the world. This maximizes the opportunities to interact with customers.

Trust building with customers through Customer Relations Department

The Customer Relations Department plays a role as a bridge between DMG MORI employees and the customers as they build a trustful relationship. We place an importance on hospitality and pay close attention to details for customers’ comfort. The members of the department welcome domestic and foreign visitors, and conduct customized tours to our factories and solution centers. The employees also plan domestic inspection tours for them as well as making arrangements for hotels and meals during their stay. All the DMG MORI employees make a combined effort so that our customers can fulfill the aims of their visits within their limited stay in Japan, whether it is a factory tour or live machining demonstration.

Optimal solutions for customers from various regions and fields

More than 80% of the orders are from countries / regions outside of Japan, mainly from Europe. They are received in a geographically well-balanced manner. We also have customers from a broad range of industries, such as the automotive and aerospace fields, which we consider as our strength. The size of our corporate customers varies as well; companies with 100 or less employees take up a large share.