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Pursuing the same high-quality products across the world

Our highly sophisticated technologies ensure high productivity and efficiency. We incorporate the voice of our customers all over the world into our product development, and make improvements day by day in pursuit of higher quality. We deliver safe products that have passed our severe quality inspections to the world.
Additionally, DMG MORI promotes the smart factory which is a concept of IoT / Industry 4.0 to enhance work efficiency.

Quick response to customer needs

DMG MORI’s global production system consists of 14 production sites in 7 countries to produce regionally strong models at locations close to customers. This not only shortens delivery times, but also saves transportation costs. Moreover, it disperses risk factors such as political unrest or significant currency fluctuations. In this way, DMG MORI is trying to minimize the influence on production processes.

Optimization of assembly efficiency

DMG MORI promotes digital manufacturing at its factories, which are fully compatible with IoT / Industry 4.0. The assembly progress is visualized and updated in real time. Assembly workers input the daily assembly status to BHT (Barcode Handy Terminal) and send the data to computers through wireless LAN. The data is used for controlling delivery times and working hours. DMG MORI’s production flexibly employs both the cell production system, where skilled workers take care of all the processes, and the line production system, where workers can acquire skills more quickly by dividing assembly processes according to model and work processes.
In this way, DMG MORI guarantees an efficient and accurate
assembly process.

Approaches to high accuracy

At the state-of-the-art machining plant that keeps a constant temperature throughout the year, DMG MORI produces machine tool components by using its large 5-axis machining centers. All the machines made by DMG MORI go through 100 hours of running tests before delivery to guarantee their quality.*
In many models, components require careful manual work called “scraping.” Only technicians with many years of experience can create an ideal surface by using hand scrapers.
The outstanding technical skills of DMG MORI’s employees are highly recognized. Some of them have even received the “Medal with Yellow Ribbon” or “Contemporary Master Craftsman” awards from the Japanese government.
* Ratio for December 2016

Evolving production system

There is a growing demand for “turnkey” solutions where multiple machines are integrated into a complete system that enables the immediate start of mass production after delivery. In response to this market trend, DMG MORI established a new System Solution Plant in Nara dedicated to turnkey projects.
This plant employs the latest measuring instruments and can accommodate up to four 80 m (262.5 ft) long production system lines. Access to this plant is strictly limited to protect customers’ confidential information. DMG MORI is continuously updating its plants and production system according to customers’ needs.