Company Profile

When was the company established?
The company was established in October, 1948. Please see the “Company Profile” for more details.
When did DMG MORI first become a publicly traded company?
Shares of the company were first listed on the Osaka Securities Exchange (2nd Section) in November 1979 and on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (2nd Section) in November 1981. Our shares were upgraded to the 1st Section on both exchanges in September 1983.

Accounting and Financial Information

When does your financial year end and when is your General Shareholders' Meeting held?
Our financial year ends on December 31st and our financial half-year ends on June 30th. Our regular General Shareholders' Meeting is held in March every year.
Where can I find your most recent accounting and other financial information?
Click “here” for our most recent financial summaries and “here” for our annual report.


What is your stock code?
Where can I inquire about or make submissions connected with transfers and other securities-related procedures?
Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank, Limited, Securities Agent Department
Phone: 0120-782-031