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DMG MORI's innovation

The world’s leading machine tool manufacturer DMG MORI owns technologies
to offer advanced and optimal solutions for customers.
As a total solution provider, we holistically provide solutions combining a machine tool
with systems and software.

Higher machining accuracy and cutting ability [ Built-in Motor Turret ]

With the milling mechanism of conventional turning centers, the power from the motor is transmitted through various parts such as gears and belts, causing heat and vibration over a wide area. DMG MORI employs the industry’s first built-in motor turret structure. This has minimized heat generation and vibration and improved transmission efficiency, contributing to drastically enhanced machining accuracy and cutting force.

Long life-span and energy saving [ Direct Drive Motor ]

Highly efficient drive is achieved by transferring the driving force directly, without transmission through gears, and there is no backlash either.
Because there are fewer parts to wear out, there is less maintenance and the product life is extended.
In addition, high-speed feed has been enabled by substantially increasing the transmission efficiency when compared with conventional worm gear systems.
A DD table where the DDM is fitted to turning tables and the DDRT where it is fitted to rotary tables are also available.

Self-manufacturing of industry-leading core technologies [ speedMASTER powerMASTER ]

DMG MORI promotes in-house production of key components of machine tools, aiming at reduction of a product development period as well as quality improvement and a shorter delivery period.
We have established the spindle plant where part machining, assembly and inspection can be consistently conducted. Ball screws are also manufactured in the plant, which is uncommon among machine tool manufacturers.
The main components, for example spindles, have a significant impact on machine quality. While spindles require high accuracy in its machining and assembly process, our cutting-edge spindles are manufactured in-house, equipped with advanced technologies and know-how gained on the global technological front, and are highly acclaimed.

Comprehensive support with machine + peripherals

The DMQP (DMG MORI Qualified Products) program certifies peripheral equipment that meets DMG MORI standards
in quality, performance and maintainability.
Over 1,300 kinds of equipment and software from 70 companies in the world have been qualified. We provide customers with total support, from proposals of our reliable DMQPs to delivery and maintenance, ensuring long-term and comfortable operating environments for them. We continue to enhance the lineup to offer greater solutions for customers.

Simpler, smarter and deeper ̶ Connecting factories and offices via “CELOS”

DMG MORI promotes IoT / Industry 4.0 solutions which connect production environments online through our operating system CELOS. CELOS simplifies the production process of making an idea into a finished product, and drastically reduces machining time and setup time.
DMG MORI has quickly caught up with IoT / Industry 4.0 technologies by using network connections, software, and sensors to ensure remote maintenance, operation status management, and accurate failure prediction for machine tools in operation across the world. This greatly contributes to improving operation rates.
Advanced technologies to manage smart factories via a network is a great strength of DMG MORI.

A total solution combining four elements

We have developed Technology Cycles that make complex and advanced machining easier and faster. Technology Cycles take over customers’ complicated and time-consuming work and provide them with a total solution. They are new machining solutions that integrate 1. Machine tool body, 2. Cutting tools and peripheral equipment as open innovation,
3. Embedded software, and 4. HMI (Human Machine Interface) such as CELOS. With Technology Cycles, machining, setup, and measurements which used to be done with specialized machines, software, and tools, can be performed with general-purpose machines and standard tools and fixtures. This enables any operator to start up machining operations easily and quickly, while ensuring high-quality cutting performance.
For example, with one of the Technology Cycles “gearMILL,” all the processes for turning/milling and gear machining can be completed on a single machine, instead of the combination of specialized machines and programs required in a conventional method. Technology Cycles are classified into four groups by function: Handling (to support machine setups); Measuring (to make high-accuracy measurements); Shaping (to support complex machining); and Monitoring (to monitor and detect machining procedures using sensors).
A great variety of functions is available according to customer’s production needs.

Varieties of automation systems

DMG MORI analyzes customers’ production needs to provide total support from consultation to planning and installation.
It includes automation systems such as the newly developed robots such as Robo2Go, loaders, and pallet pools; flexible production cells; and holistic solutions for mass production.
The Robo2Go is a DMG MORI’s new automation system for turning centers.
It has a very simple set-up process. By bringing the system in front of a turning center and inputting workpiece data, you can quickly begin the automated loading. As the controlling operations are all conducted by CELOS, no special knowledge about robots is required of the operators, which allows for an easy start-up.