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CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

Contribution to the Development of Cutting Technology and Techniques

The “Cutting Dream Contest” was initiated by DMG MORI in 2004. It has been held 12 times so far, aiming at facilitating exchanges of technologies and techniques, as well as development of the machining industry as a whole. Users of cutting machine tools at companies, technical colleges, universities and research institutes in Japan are eligible participants. The contest also started in the U.S. in 2006, and we had one in Europe in 2007. The event has been well received and appreciated in both regions. The prize winners are selected by category through a rigorous screening process by juries comprised of university professors. The five categories of the contest are: Production Parts Machining; Prototype & Test Cut Machining; Die & Mold / Form Machining; Micro Machining; and Academic Research. The award ceremony of the 12th Cutting Dream Contest was held in November 2016 on the sidelines of JIMTOF. Since then, the awarded workpieces have been on display at the Iga Global Solution Center of DMG MORI. Every day, visitors from Japan and overseas enjoy the extraordinary techniques and innovative ideas represented by these workpieces.

Contributions in advancing the machine tool industry

The Mori Manufacturing Research and Technology Foundation is a general incorporated foundation. It aims at contributing to the advancement of the machine tool industry, and preserving the environment through improvement and innovation of machine tool related technologies, including machining, human machine interface, and environmental protection technologies. The foundation provides support for research and human resources development. In particular, it lends or donates machine tools to businesses, government organizations and research institutes at universities, etc. in Japan and overseas with a view to strengthening ties with them. DMG MORI believes that supporting human resources development through the network of research institutions in different countries will help in advancing the industry globally, including in emerging countries. Additionally, DMG MORI has been supporting construction of cultural environments in local regions, especially in Nara and Mie Prefectures, which are home to its operational bases. DMG MORI will further enhance its ties to the local community for years to come and improve corporate value.

MTTRFSupporting Research Activities through MTTRF

MTTRF is a non-profit organization recognized by the U.S. Government. Founded in October 2002, it operates through donations from companies, with DMG MORI as its main sponsor. Much of DMG MORI’s philanthropic efforts for education are carried out through MTTRF, such as lending machine tools to universities and research institutions inside and outside Japan, and holding lectures at the annual general meetings. DMG MORI will continue to actively expand research support activities through MTTRF to promote technological development in the industrial society. In July 2013, MTTRF Berkeley Institute was established for the purposes of enhancing a practical cooperative relationship between industry, government, and academia, and cultivating excellent engineers through educational and research activities.

University and research institute we donated or lend machines
U.S.A.University of California, Berkeley
University of California, Davis
University of Wisconsin-Madison
University of North Carolina Charlotte
MTTRF Berkeley Institute
GermanyBremen Institute for Metrology, Automation and Quality Science (BIMAQ)
IrelandUniversity College Dublin
SwitzerlandSwiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich
ItalyUniversity of Florence
AustriaVienna University of Technology
BelgiumKatholieke Universiteit Leuven
JapanKobe University
Kanazawa University
Osaka Institute of Technology
Toyohashi University of Technology

Total: 14 universities + 1 research institute

Human resources development

In January 2017, DMG MORI established the Emerging Technologies Laboratory at the Tokyo Global Headquarters. The center is a place where leading experts in the field of IoT and other digital innovations get together to create new values for customers and the society of today. In the field of human resources development, which is another mission of this center, it will provide opportunities for long-term internships with Kanto area students to nurture innovation and talent.

Supporting Research Activities

Fukan Laboratory, a general incorporated foundation, was established in January 2010. Continuing the work of the University of Tokyo Fukan Laboratory by taking a comprehensive view of knowledge, technology, economics and society, we have reaffirmed our current position as we consider tomorrow’s actions and create a place where people can gather to enthusiastically take on future challenges. DMG MORI will continue to endorse these activities by providing a wide range of support.

Scholarship Fund for Student Support

Helping National Technical College Students Aected by the Great East Japan Earthquake

The DMG MORI Scholarship Fund was set up in 2011 as one element in the reconstruction assistance after the Great East Japan Earthquake. Its purpose is to help national technical college students in the disaster area attend school and is administered by the Institute of National Colleges of Technology, Japan. Every month, 50,000 yen per student (600,000 yen per year) will be offered over a 10-year period. We support the national technical college students with the expectation that they will take on roles in Japan’s manufacturing industry in the future.

Establishment of IIT Scholarship Program at Indian Institutes of Technology

In 2008, DMG MORI and the University of Tokyo jointly established the DMG MORI IIT Scholarship Program aimed at students of the Indian Institutes of Technology, which is located in the Indian city of Hyderabad. The goal of the program is for many students who received the scholarship to study mechanical, electrical or aeronautical engineering or some other field of specialization in depth. Students will then be equipped to play an active role in these fields around the world including India and Japan in the future.

IIT: Indian Institutes of Technology

Energy-saving machine tools change the global environment

Machine tools are environmentally friendly, clean equipment. As they are generally used for 15 to 20 years, the energy-saving effect affects the environment for a long period of time. DMG MORI has delivered more than 150,000 machines worldwide to this date with a great effort to conserve the global environment. We have achieved an annual reduction of CO2 emissions by 2,650kg(5,830lb.) per machine through our continuous approach to cutting down power consumption of the product itself and making our plants energy efficient. We will further work on the reduction of the consumption of woods and CO2 emissions through our packaging reforms and logistics optimization.

Reuse of in-house produced package
We reviewed our wood packaging which had been disposed of after it was used only once for the transportation of machines. Now, we employ returnable pallets for overseas shipment and steel packaging for domestic transportation. As a result, we have achieved a reduction of approximately 4,900 tons (10,780,000lb.) in wood consumption overall. We wrap our cutting-edge machines with the in-house produced sheet with “DMG MORI” logo in hopes of delivering the machines to each of our valued customers in the best condition possible. DMG MORI is the first machine tool manufacturer in Japan to employ its own package sheet.

CO2 emissions reduced by logistics optimization
We use a dedicated truck service to collectively transport the production parts that are provided by the 22 partner companies scattered in the Tokai area. It contributes to reducing significant amount of CO2 emissions compared to individual parts transportation by each partner. In the future, we will roll out this collective transportation system to the Kansai area.

Transmitting Information from Perspective of “Tsunagari”

DMG MORI published a public relations magazine “Tsunagari,” which means connection, with the basic concept of interconnection between society and companies. In “Tsunagari” we not only look at the processes to produce things and the history of these items, but also search for the ideal society from the perspective of “Tsunagari” as well as from a panoramic view. Also, design has a focus of appealing to emotion of people as an important element for linking humans to things.

Sponsorship of piano concerts

“Nara Piano Friends,” a new music event featuring the piano, has been held annually in Nara and specially-sponsored by DMG MORI since 2012. The company has also supported piano recitals by a Europe-based pianist Adolfo Barabino living in the UK and a Japanese pianist Miki Kawashima since 2015. Mr. Barabino was the first foreign artist who was invited to Nara Piano Friends in 2014, and gave a joint performance with several Japanese pianists from a wide variety of genres. His 2016 recitals took place in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Nara.

Cultural activities in Nara, the birthplace of DMG MORI

DMG MORI has put a great deal of value in interaction with the community in Nara and promotion of the culture for some 70 years since its foundation in Yamatokoriyama city, Nara in 1948. We continue to proactively support the traditional cultural activities in an effort to further strengthen the bond with the area.

Comprehensive agreement on partnership and cooperation with Nara Prefecture
We reached the comprehensive agreement with Nara Prefecture in March 2017, aiming to promote landscaping which is appropriate to the ancient capital of Japan, Nara; to facilitate advanced technical education; and to support engineers and researchers from overseas. Other social contributions include the planting of cherry blossoms along the embankment of the Bodaisen River and lending of our cutting-edge
machine tools to local technical high schools and
educational institutions.

In January 2017, we acquired the naming rights of the hall that has been familiar to the citizen of Yamatokoriyama City, and named it “DMG MORI YAMATO KORIYAMAJO HALL.” We strongly hope that we can be a helping hand in maintenance and enhancement of the hall facilities and that the hall will be a place for transmission of various cultures.
Cultural assets of ancient Nara
DMG MORI actively supports the protection and sustenance of historic monuments in Nara including the Kasuga Taisha Shrine and the Kofukuji Temple.
In the area of sports, DMG MORI is sponsoring the Nara-based professional teams: Bambitious Nara (basketball), and NARA CLUB (soccer).